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Elisa June Salmon

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  • Criminal Defense


Elisa Salmon is a criminal defense lawyer. She has extensive experience in federal and state courtrooms, fighting for the rights of her clients. Ms. Salmon's work provides her the opportunity to help people every day doing something she believes in.

After graduating from Duke Law, Ms. Salmon worked in a federal district court on the southern border for the Hon. William Wayne Justice. In these busy Texas courtrooms, Ms. Salmon decided she too would dedicate her practice to fighting for the futures of defendants and their families. People must never stand alone. They deserve a committed advocate, standing beside them, listening closely to them, treating them like an individual and working towards their goals.

Ms. Salmon returned to North Carolina in 2007. In her first years of private practice, Ms. Salmon worked for and learned from this State's very best criminal and trial lawyers. While working in big firms in the big city, Ms. Salmon gained broad litigation experience on high stakes and complex matters. Perhaps more importantly, she represented people from all walks of life. She learned their stories; she pled their causes. While gaining the technical acumen necessary to handle even the most difficult cases, Ms. Salmon solidified her belief that treating people with compassion and commitment can and does make a difference. We believe in amazing, lifesaving outcomes because we have seen them.

In 2012, Ms. Salmon was a founding partner in the predecessor to her current firm. For the past decade, Ms. Salmon has continued her work in North Carolina's state and federal courtrooms. She is a member of the EDNC and Fourth Circuit CJA panel and multiple federal and state bars. She is proud to be a Harnett County lawyer and to work in proud tradition of this storied rural bar.

She stands most days in a courtroom, pleading her client's cause. She and her team work each day to stand for and with their clients in this important work. This team understands that accolades are great, but it is the work that matters.



  • Duke University School of Law, Durham, North Carolina
    • J.D.